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Product features: stable, fast and practical.
Scope of application: This product is a new model redesigned to meet the needs of customers with higher quality and productivity.
Can be applied to most materials of printing and packaging enterprises (e.g. from 80g to 1200g cardboard; non-adhesive; PET;
Die-cutting of PVC, PP, etc.) prints, gilding, concave-convex, embossing and corrugated cardboard less than 4 mm
Die cutting.
Functional features: This product is a foil feeding three-longitudinal, two-horizontal and five-axis electrochemical aluminium control system controlled by the original European servo system. It can be used according to customers.
Household printing typesetting, choose vertical, horizontal or bidirectional simultaneously precise control of the walking and jumping steps of electrolytic aluminum, to save electrification
The use of aluminium materials reduces the cost of materials.

Maximum paper size: 1060 *750mm minimum paper size: 400 *360mm
Maximum Die Cutting Range: 1050 *730mm Maximum Stamping Range: 1020 *730mm
Applicable range of paper: 80-1200g/m maximum working pressure of cardboard: 300T
Maximum stamping speed: 6500 sheets per hour (depending on the layout, paper and operation factors of die-cutting products)
Maximum die-cutting speed is 8000 RPH (depending on layout, paper and operation factors of die-cutting products)
Minimum Cutter Size: 8mm
Maximum unwinding coil diameter: 200mm
Temperature Range of Electric Heating Plate: 0-200 Temperature
Machine weight: 18T
Electric heating plate: 16 zone
Number of conveying shafts for electrochemical aluminium foil: longitudinal 3-axis and transverse 2-axis
Electricity Requirements: 380_3-phase 50HZ
Whole machine power (kilowatt): 70 KW
Machine Size (m): 7.3 x 4.3 x 2.7m (long x wide x high pre-packed paper guide)

SH-1060SEF Client Factory Video 4100

SH-1060SEF Customer Field Paper-jamming Video Speed 4500

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